07 Dec 2013

All I Want For Christmas is Ear Training!

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I’ve been working on a few holiday projects lately, and I’m really excited about this one!  Holiday songs are so familiar to most students, so I decided to take advantage of this by using a few holiday favorites as ear training activities.This workbook is designed for both music classroom teachers and private instrument teachers to use with their students.

Volume 1 includes six holiday songs that are all missing random notes throughout the piece.  The lyrics are written underneath each line so that students can sing along to help keep their place. When they get to a spot where a note is floating above the staff in a box, they must use their ear to figure out which letter it should be and then write it on the staff.  The floating note shows whether it should be a quarter note, half note, etc.

I tested these out on my students and they love them so far!   I use the sheets right at the piano, but my friend who teaches elementary music said her students had a blast using the sheets with their xylophones. It’s also great practice for the little ones who need experience with notation so they can start composing.

Speaking of composing… check out my other series also just released-
Christmas Gets A Makeover:  A Composition Workbook for Teachers and Beginner Composers

It’s a great followup activity for this series and uses the same songs.  Once my students choose which piece they want to do from the ear training book, I have them do that sheet first and then work with them on the composition activity for that same piece.

I’m working on the shopping cart feature for this site but for now
both workbooks can be purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers:


Happy Holidays!!!


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Amber Staffa is a performing arts graduate of Rowan University. She holds a BA in Subject Matter Teaching for K-12, and a BM in Instrumental Music Education with a Piano Concentration, and is currently licensed in the state of NJ.

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