Student Spotlight

October 2014


Other music teachers will know what I mean when I say that some new students come to you and you just know right away that they have “it.”  Hannah has only had a few lessons with me, but so far I’ve been extremely impressed with her.  Although you can tell she has raw talent, that isn’t what impresses me the most – it’s her hard work, her dedication to practice, and her drive to reach her full potential.  I have no doubt that if Hannah continues the consistency and quality of practice she has been putting in so far, she’ll be a great pianist.  It’s exciting for me to watch her move so quickly.  Her ear plays a big part in her progression, since she is quick to adjust her sound and tone quality.  I’m glad to have you at the studio, Hannah!

July 2014


Bria is one of those students who reminds a piano teacher why they love to teach.  When you listen to her play, you just know that she gets it.  She connects with sound and interprets it on a level that you would expect of someone much older than she is.  It’s no secret that Bria prefers romantic style pieces, so I couldn’t be more proud of her for learning not one, but two complete Menuets from Bach’s AMB Notebook between March and June.  Bria rose to the challenge and executed the clean, precise, not-overly-romanticized Baroque style, and she is now an even better player because of it.  After my recital this year, she told me she can’t wait to play Rachmaninoff, and if she keeps up the hard work, she is on her way!  I know she will continue to do wonderful things!

June 2014


Congratulations to Brooke G!

While Brooke has always been a great student, I feel as though I have watched her transform into a mature, accomplished pianist over the past several months.  She routinely completes and often goes beyond the homework assignments required of her each week, giving careful attention to detail.  Her consideration of musical nuances has made the difference between good and great playing.  Her technique has improved SO much recently, allowing her to reach a beautiful level of musical expression.  It is such a pleasure to work with a student who shows such in depth self-evaluation skills and effective practice habits.  I can’t wait to see what else she can do!   Great job, Brooke!


March 2014


Congratulations to Gina H. – the studio’s first Student Spotlight

Gina started her first Sonatina this month, which is an exciting step toward more advanced repertoire.  Her consistent and diligent practicing record sets a great example of studio standards.   This month Gina has shown an impressive understanding of musical expression, making decisions about her sound that go beyond what is written on the page. It is a pleasure to see her really bring her personality into her playing to showcase different musical styles.
Keep up the great work, Gina!