Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

What’s New?  A lot!! You know you love your job when you’re “vacation” time turns into a 2 week long extravaganza of planning, creating, organizing, song hunting and practicing, and you don’t mind one bit! Thankfully, instead of throwing a fit that our living room has become my glorified organization and activity work zone,  by husband.. read more →

This weekend’s concert raised $850 for American Cancer Society

I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to see me play this weekend. At $10 a ticket, I set a fundraising goal of $500, and the final amount raised came to $850!  It’s fabulous to have the support of so many friends, family members, and students. It’s so important for young students to attend.. read more →

Amber Staffa in concert for The American Cancer Society

On the weekend of November 23rd and 24th, I will be giving a short concert at Jacob’s Music of Cherry Hill in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society.    Please come out and support the cause!!  I hope to see as many students there as possible! Tickets are $10 for adults over.. read more →

Holiday party time! Need a pianist?

When opportunity knocks, we answer! When they are of legal age to work, studio members qualify to be part of our cocktail hour/accompanist program. This year we have two students who have taken the plunge and have been hard at work learning masses of holiday tunes. I proudly commend them for their participation because commitment.. read more →

Let the Recording Begin!

We are VERY excited about the studio’s new addition. As of 2013, thanks to the help of one of our studio parents, Allen Hite of Spark One Productions, the baby grand that students play is now recording friendly! Students love it, I love it- who wouldn’t? Now that we’ve experimented with it a good amount,.. read more →


Hooray for the new website!!  I’m very excited to get it up and running, but it’s still pretty minimal for now.  In the next few months I hope to have it fully functional to include student recordings and samples from our music library, so stay tuned! read more →