Sight Reading – Gotta Love It!

The ability to sight read well is one of the most motivating aspects of taking lessons on a private instrument.  I’ve published both a blog article and a student worksheet on why sight reading is awesome, but here’s the breakdown for parents.  Your student should understand that once they can sight read, they can track.. read more →

Lesson Breakdown: The Warm Up

The Warm Up – Why it’s important and why it doesn’t have to be boring! When a student walks in my door to begin their lesson, it’s time to warm up!  Should they be doing some warming up before they come to their lesson if they can?  Definitely.  This will minimize the amount of time.. read more →

What’s in a great music lesson & Why 30 minutes sometimes doesn’t cut it

Admittedly, before getting brave enough to venture out on my own, I used to teach at a little local music studio.  As is the case with many big-box type studios, the owner has to pay the teachers and still make money of their own, and that’s where the push for the 30 minute lesson model.. read more →

A Sight Reader’s Checklist

Sight reading can and should be one of the most exciting abilities of any piano player.  Who wouldn’t want to just pick up a piece of music and start playing it on their own without help?  Did I mention that your pieces take MUCH less time to learn if your sight reading skills are excellent??.. read more →