Composition for Very Young Students

I’m pretty lucky to have a group of students who are fascinated with writing their own music!   I’ve found that out of my more advanced students, the ones who have stuck with composition over the years are the ones who had a very creative start when they first approached it. I’m well aware that.. read more →

iPhone Rhythm Calculator… Friend or Foe?

  I take an occasional look in the app store to see if there’s anything new in the music world that might be helpful. This new Rhythm Calculator app has me really scratching my head and wondering if it’s the best thing ever, or if I should exit the app store immediately, run for the hills, and.. read more →

Fun ways to reinforce and assess each level of Interval Comprehension

I’m not afraid to say it….  I LOVE INTERVALS!   I love to love them. Lame?  Oh, most definitely. BUT, they’re a serious part of sight reading and understanding movement in music, and since that’s the case, its my job to love them AND make sure that my students understand and love them too. I.. read more →

Every Good Boy Does NOT Do Fine!

I think at one point or another, every piano teacher has used “the sentences.”  You know the ones… Every good boy does fine Every girl buys dad flowers All cows eat grass All good boys with fudge buy cows filled with gas from dads with flowers…… (???) So why do we use them? Because our.. read more →

Are you thinking what I’m thinking!? – helpful evaluation forms for teachers

  I really love what I do.  Working with all different age groups of people is so interesting, and I love witnessing all of the different ways that people experience music. When it comes to some younger students, don’t you sometimes find yourself wishing that you could snap into their heads for a second, just.. read more →