Composition for Very Young Students

I’m pretty lucky to have a group of students who are fascinated with writing their own music!   I’ve found that out of my more advanced students, the ones who have stuck with composition over the years are the ones who had a very creative start when they first approached it. I’m well aware that.. read more →

Are you thinking what I’m thinking!? – helpful evaluation forms for teachers

  I really love what I do.  Working with all different age groups of people is so interesting, and I love witnessing all of the different ways that people experience music. When it comes to some younger students, don’t you sometimes find yourself wishing that you could snap into their heads for a second, just.. read more →

All I Want For Christmas is Ear Training!

  I’ve been working on a few holiday projects lately, and I’m really excited about this one!  Holiday songs are so familiar to most students, so I decided to take advantage of this by using a few holiday favorites as ear training activities.This workbook is designed for both music classroom teachers and private instrument teachers.. read more →

The “Christmas Gets A Makeover” Composition Workbook

Teachers are getting more creative these days-  which is why I wanted to create an activity book like this that lets teachers use their own ideas to mold the activities in whichever way best suites their students’ needs.That being said, here’s what I had in mind when I created it:Students who have never composed before.. read more →