23 Aug 2014

Farewell Summer of 2014!

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What a great summer it has been!!   It’s hard to believe everyone will be heading back to school already…

Just a few quick reminders and suggestions for the fall semester:

1)  Pleeeeeease clean out your binders to start fresh in September!  I have seem some PRETTY interesting looking binders lately that are starting to look more like stuffed suitcases… :)  Put any old assignment sheets in a folder and store it inside your piano bench.

2)  If you wear glasses, please bring them to every lesson!

3)  Ladies, I know some of those nails grow inches in just hours, but please do your best to keep them cut short.  Long nails make it so hard for us to have a productive lesson, and for me to see how hard you’ve been working.

4)  Set an appointment now to have your cold weather piano tuning done in November/December.  Tuning appointments get harder and harder to schedule in the winter since everybody wants theirs tuned for the holidays, so scheduling them in early is a good idea!

5)  I know fall sports get crazy, but be realistic about your commitment to piano and remember that daily practice is expected every week.

6)  (Sorry in advance for this, parents….) …but start thinking about what holiday songs you might want to play this year!  Our concert is set for December 7th, and all music must be memorized at LEAST 2 weeks in advance.

7)  If you do not already have a Spotify account set up for your Listening List, please ask me for the new instructions on how to set one up.  I have streamlined the process so it’s easier now, and every student must have one by December.

Happy practicing!  Here’s to another great year!


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Amber Staffa is a performing arts graduate of Rowan University. She holds a BA in Subject Matter Teaching for K-12, and a BM in Instrumental Music Education with a Piano Concentration, and is currently licensed in the state of NJ.

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