10 Sep 2013

We are VERY excited about the studio’s new addition. As of 2013, thanks to the help of one of our studio parents, Allen Hite of Spark One Productions, the baby grand that students play is now recording friendly! Students love it, I love it- who wouldn’t? Now that we’ve experimented with it a good amount, I’m rolling out two incentive and learning-based programs to cash in on its benefits:

1) In order to record a finished project, students understand that they must polish their pieces to performance standards on time. Key word here- ON TIME! When a student starts a new piece, they evaluate its style and its challenges, and we set a goal to have that piece completed by a certain date. If that goal is met, they qualify to record. With our new setup, students have the option to have their MP3s emailed to them and posted online, or to receive a copy of their professional sounding recordings on their own CD. Once a student has received their recording, they critique their performance and hand in an evaluation sheet that expresses what they liked about their work and how they could potentially improve for the next time.

2) One of the trickiest things to teach a student is how to listen to and evaluate their own playing. Quality listening forms the basis of strong musicianship. In order to improve your sound, you must understand what you hear, how those sounds were produced, and how to adjust from there. This can be especially tricky for young students to do while they’re playing. By recording their selection mid-learning process, students get the chance to hear their playing from a teacher’s perspective and make insightful decisions about how to proceed toward a finished product.

Have other ideas about how our students can benefit from recording?
Please let us know! amberstaffapiano@gmail.com

Let the recording begin!


About the Author

Amber Staffa is a performing arts graduate of Rowan University. She holds a BA in Subject Matter Teaching for K-12, and a BM in Instrumental Music Education with a Piano Concentration, and is currently licensed in the state of NJ.

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