Lessons and Classes

*Regretfully, no new students are being accepted at this time.

Amber offers private, one-on-one sessions for piano, piano readiness, and music theory.  Lessons are rooted in classical technique, allowing students to play comfortably, safely, and expressively.  However, every student’s curriculum includes age appropriate material and repertoire geared toward their specific interests.

Tuition is billed monthly based on the number of weeks in each month. 

Private lessons are offered in *30, 45, or 60 minute weekly sessions.

Instruction focuses primarily on expressive and technical performances of piano repertoire, sight reading, music theory, and ear training.  Composition activities are also incorporated into lessons when possible, and are largely contingent upon the length of the student’s lesson.  Specialty Workshops are available for students who wish to spend more time on special interests outside of their weekly lesson.  Although standard classical repertoire is strongly emphasized for purposes of technique development, each student’s curriculum is always tailored to their specific interests, goals, age, and learning style.

* 30 minute sessions are only available for students ages 5 and under.  It is recommended that very young students consider two 30 minute sessions per week in order to properly reinforce technique.

Early exposure to music is key to developing a strong rhythmic foundation and an understanding of musical style. Piano Readiness Classes allow young students (ages 4-6) to build their skill set and foster an interest in music before they are necessarily ready to take on all of the responsibilities that come along with private piano lessons.  This program’s curriculum is designed around games and music-play activities that focus on movement, singing, listening, and creativity.  The main goal of these classes is to allow for a smooth transition to private lessons in the near future.

Readiness classes may be schedule Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 3pm.  Discounted group sessions may be available for siblings or friends whose ages and ability levels coincide appropriately.  Class length will vary according to the age and attention span of each child, so please inquire about specific tuition rates. 

Private Music Theory classes are customized for the interests and needs of each student and are ideal for the following people:

  • Those who play an instrument by ear but can not read music
  • Those who enjoy composing but are looking for more structural knowledge of how music works
  • Those who study an instrument privately but are looking to spend more time on music theory outside of their lesson setting
  • People with a basic understanding of chords and key signatures who are looking to broaden their knowledge base and analyze musical structure

Topics covered in these classes include but are not limited to:

  • note recognition and staff notation
  • scales and key signatures
  • intervals and triads
  • seventh chords and chord extensions
  • progression and chord analysis
  • harmonic function
  • ear training

Our Students

All students who own a piano and are willing to make a commitment to consistent practice at home are welcome at the studio.

When you sign up, understand that piano playing is a complex skill that can not be mastered in a few casual practice sessions here and there when you can find time for it.   As much as I wish we could say piano lessons are for everyone, it’s a good idea to strongly consider how many activities the potential student is already involved in when you decide whether or not lessons are a realistic option.  I want lessons to be a fun, enjoyable experience for all of my students, and students who consistently succeed as a result of good practicing habits tend to enjoy lessons the most.

It is expected that students integrate a regular practicing routine into their schedule as soon as lessons begin.

Parents of young students are expected to oversee the integration of regular practice into their child’s schedule.  All parents are encouraged to take on a positive, motivating roll when it comes to student progress, and are invited to oversee their child’s lessons to make sure they can assist with practicing at home if necessary.

Lesson Length and Type

It is recommended that you allow your instructor to decide on the length of lesson that is appropriate for the student. This decision is based on the experience level, age, attention span and specific goals of each student.

If you begin with a 30 or 45 minute lesson, expect your instructor to notify you when it is appropriate to increase your session length.  This step-up program is an industry standard among serious teachers.

Lesson recommendations are always aligned with the best interest of students.  Should you decide against the judgement of your instructor, understand that the student will not reach their full potential within an ideal length of time.  30 minute lessons are only ideal for very young students.

Our studio policy has evolved over my many years of experience, and is designed to be mutually respectful to students and teacher.  We aim to ensure that students get the most out of every lesson, while maintaining respect for the time and full schedule of their instructor.


The studio is open year round, and tuition is billed monthly to reflect the number of weeks/lessons in each month.  Monthly tuition reserves the student’s weekly lesson slot and holds their membership within the studio for recitals, festivals and other events.

Your tuition covers:

  • Instructional time
  • Pre-lesson planning time
  • A piano lesson binder and all of its contents
  • Recital hall fees
  • Recording access and CD’s of student work
  • Access to the Music Library
  • Various Incentive Programs
  • Parent conferences

Tuition is due no later than the first lesson of each month.  If you forget your tuition, it may be mailed to the studio.  Please do not mail cash.  Tuition payments not received by the second week of the month will accrue a $10 late fee.


Please take your lesson attendance very seriously.  The studio does not condone regular absences for social events or other extracurricular activities.  Please be on time for your lesson.

  • Students are required to give 24 hour notice in order to qualify for a makeup lesson.  Makeup lessons are not guaranteed, but are granted as a courtesy whenever possible.
  • While last minute cancellations due to illnesses can not be made up, you may request that your instructor email you with any instructions for continued practicing once you are back on your feet.


The studio hold 1-2 recitals each year.   Since the piano is a performance instrument, one recital per year is mandatory.  Other performance opportunities are merit based, and will be offered to students who are consistently well prepared with repertoire that is well practiced.

Departure from the studio

If for any reason you wish to discontinue your lessons at the studio, please kindly give 30 days notice.  If you are moving to a different area and plan to take up piano lessons with a new instructor there, you may request to receive a record of the student’s progress and an evaluation of skills, strengths, and weaknesses so that your new teacher can easily pick up where we left off.