The studio hosts an annual formal recital in December, and sometimes an additional informal recital in May.  The location of recitals varies with availability and opportunity.  In the past we have held concerts at Jacob’s Music Recital Hall in Cherry Hill, the Kurtz Center for Performing Arts in Philadelphia, and LaMonte Hall at The Evergreens.

The piano is a performance instrument, so frequent, polished performances are encouraged.  Amber approaches public performance in a way that makes it an exciting, rewarding aspect of a student’s curriculum. While some students may express uneasiness about playing in public, the best way to overcome performance anxiety is to make performance a frequent, normal part of a student’s playing career from the very start.  One formal performance per year is mandatory.

Students are encouraged to build repertoire by reviewing the pieces they have previously played but are no longer working on in class.  Students who do so are permitted to play several pieces per recital if they have kept their repertoire in polished condition.


Performance Attire

Formal Recitals

Boys – dress pants, dress shirt, tie, jacket if you have one, dress shoes
Girls – dress, skirt, or dress pants, dress shoes – please be careful of dress and skirt lengths, as you will be on a raised stage.  Make sure you have practiced in your shoes if you plan to wear heels.

Semi-formal Recitals

Boys – dress pants or khakis, dress shirt or polo, dress shoes or a nice non-sneaker – no T-shirts,  jeans or shorts please
Girls – dress, skirt, dress pants, or khakis, nice shirt, a nice non-sneaker.  No T-shirts or jeans please


Recent Concert Venue Information

LaMonte Hall at The Evergreens
309 Bridgeboro Rd, Moorestown, NJ 08057

Please revisit this page for relevant arrival times and dress code details when our next recital is scheduled.

Students should plan to warm up extensively before leaving their house, as warm up time at the hall will be limited to a few minutes per student.

 If you have been approved for the performance, please use the form below to register now.  

Register for a Performance