Student Media Center

Our students stay very busy throughout the year!  Through participation in various clubs, performances, critique classes, festivals, and recording sessions, the student community is constantly building their repertoire and fine tuning their skills.
I firmly believe that students who work hard deserve to be recognized and rewarded, so our media center serves to highlight various students throughout the year who wish to have their accomplishments on display.
I am finally getting the studio’s YouTube channel up and running, so check back soon for our first uploads!


Although all students are required to sight read both tonally and rhythmically, students who wish to make this a social experience have the option to do so by participating in Sight Reading Club and/or Rhythm Club.  After each 2-month round, scores from all categories are added up to name a President, Vice President, and Speaker of the House who reign until new office holders are named for the next round.

Aaannnnnnd another round of Sight Reading Club is in the bag.  I can’t believe how many ties we had this time!  I’m going to have to think of another way to do this from now on!!  Congratulations everyone!  You all did so well, I’m very proud.

Level 1 Sight Reading

President – Gabriella G., Gina H. and Brooke G.
Vice President - Sriram E., Bharat E. and Ryan H.
Speaker of the House – Karli E. and Lilly F.

Level 2 Sight Reading

President – Bria P., Nick H. and Kaya R.
Vice President – Lindsay J. and Dayton T.
Speaker of the House – Spencer G.


Level 1 Rhythm

President – Sriram E.
Vice President – Lilly F.

Level 2 Rhythm

President – Dylan E.
Vice President – Dayton T.


Congratulations to Gina H. for being our first Student Spotlight.  Visit our Student Spotlight Page here to read about why Gina is deserving of this title for March 2014.


Congratulations to Anna and Faith!  These two young ladies are participating in the studio’s Keys For College program and they just played at their first Christmas party this past weekend!!  I’m so proud of them for learning so much music in such a short amount of time.  Thank you for your hard work and for setting a great example for other students who may want to be involved in this program!



Congratulations Sriram!!  Sriram claimed the Sweet Frog gift card this week by having the fastest time for Treble Clef flash cards.  Keep up the good work!


Congratulations to Bria P. and Nick H. for completing their most recent choice pieces, Imagine by John Lennon, and Yesterday, by The Beatles.  Both Nick and Bria are very talented vocalists as well, and I’m thrilled to see them playing pieces that they can also sing along with.  We look forward to seeing them play and sing at the next studio recital!

Bria cropped  nick



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Our channel is very new so please bear with us as we get our videos posted!